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Starting sales to Russia is often thought of as a cumbersome process: the company has to obtain the necessary certificates for its products, find suitable and trustworthy partners in Russia and spend a lot of money and time on all this. With Treesixty, you save yourself all this hassle. We have successfully helped several European eCommerce-companies to enter the Russian market. This is made possible by a good network of contacts and in-house knowledge of the Russian language and culture. Our founder Mikael is half-Russian and has been involved in Russian trade since 2013, so he understands how to create product texts that sell to customers and select product images that are suitable for the culture.

Treesixty is also certified by the Russian tech-giant Yandex, also known as “the Google of Russia”:

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Ecommerce to russia?

Russia is a market of 145 million people, with e-commerce growing by tens of percent every year: e-commerce sales increased by about 26% to $ 11 billion in the first half of 2019 and individual purchases increased by 44% from last year’s figures. E-commerce in Russia is growing almost ten times faster than other sectors of retail industry. Despite this information, only a few European companies invest in e-commerce in the Russian market.

Favorable customs regulations for EU countries and close location also provide a good starting point for starting sales from Europe, as Russian private individuals can order products from EU countries tax- and duty-free € 200 / order. In addition to this, the sales are completely tax-free (no VAT to pay) for companies. In some product categories, it may be possible that a product shipped from Europe is cheaper than buying from a local online store or a stone foot shop. However, instead of price competition, European online retailers should invest especially in products that stand out from the mass and are difficult to find in Russia, instead of just competing with price. With our help, your company can reach more than 90 million potential buyers and the biggest marketplaces in Russia!

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How can we help your company?

Marketing to Russians is not easy. Russia is a really big market (financially and geographically) and marketing differs considerably from marketing to the European public. We are able to offer our customers marketing with a Russian mentality, but with Finnish efficiency and expertise.

With our help, you can make your company visible to the Russian-speaking public and get your products for sale to the largest marketplaces in Russia. We also help with localization: we can carry out translations and brand localization for you, choose the payment methods that suit your company in the Russian market, and find the most natural marketing channels for you. We also have knowledge in many of the popular eCommerce-platforms, so we can implement the translations straight to your online store. All of this saves our clients time and they do not have to look for other trustworthy partners. We do almost all the work in-house, so we can always guarantee the quality of our work. Mikael, the founder of Treesixty, is half Russian, so he understands and speaks the language and knows the special features of the European and Russian markets. Before founding his own company, he has been involved in setting up an online store for Prisma (one of the biggest hypermarket chains in Finland & Saint Petersburg) in Russia, planning the marketing of Jokerit KHL-team in Russia and in the Russia-projects with many other well-known Finnish companies.

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